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Devamag, founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and producer Deivis H. Valdes, creates entertainment products, digital solutions and experiences that connects people and companies where it matters most.

Devamag has professional solutions for individuals and businesses in Europe and the United States. The primary goal is to create value for clients through innovative methods in entertainment, branding, digital development & technology, artist management and media. 


There are few things that can fill us in such a simple way with happiness, and may have a big impact on our lives and emotions as music does. Music has always excited and inspired me. It was a solid part of my life, even before I did this professionally as my vocation.


At the beginning of my career during my education as an IT engineer in Austria (Europe) I worked for several labels and artists as a producer and remixer. In 2011 I finally recorded the first chart success with the song "Achy Breaky Heart" a cover by Billy Ray Cyrus. For those who don't know who Billy Ray Cyrus is, he is the father of the pop artist Miley Cyrus.


After the successes with my production, the dream become bigger and I discovered market gaps in the entertainment industry which leads to funding of my own music startup and label.

So, In 2012, I founded the company Devamag in the mecca of the entertainment businesses - New York City. Such a fantastic place to be and the best decision of my life.

People often asked me what does the name Devamag stand for. Well its simple, it consists of a wordplay of my First name DEivis and my patronym (second surname)  VAldes.

M  stands for music and AG for a legal business form in Europe. Combined its forms the word Devamag.


My first vision  with Devamag was to produce first-class and sophisticated music with a network of well chosen artists and producers. The vision become even bigger. Through the digitization of the music industry, and my great interest in the online market and fashion industry I started to develop further ideas, new brands and platforms with the aim to create fantastic products and bringing value to people all over the world. 

Today, the Devamag company is a holding and operates the label Devamag Music with outstanding artists, the premium agency Designcloud with prestigious clients, and the international community Union of Excellence

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