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Deivis H Valdes | Founder, Investor

Based on global changes and following the sustainability concept of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, a feasibility study was carried out in the middle of 2020, followed by international market research and finally the establishment of the Supercar Sharing AG in 2021 with headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland).

But first, let's rewind some time. The idea behind Supercar Sharing® which was already  planned as a sharing concept in 2018, should solve major problems and fix unspoken topics on the international sports car market which is changing dramatically. The sports car market is not only changing based on economic events, the market is also subject to eco-political regulations and long-term change goals that must be adhered by the vehicle manufacturer, dealers and private consumers. 


"As a sports car and motorsport enthusiast, it is my personal concern to maintain this market despite global changes and to transform it under sustainable conditions which also includes educating consumers, sports car dealers,  motorsport providers and manufacturers." - Deivis H. Valdes

It's fact, that Supercar Sharing® is one the most excited Mobility & Tech companies in Europe. 

About the innovations

Supercar Sharing® is the world's first co-ownership based, car sharing platform specializing in supercars only. In 2021 we also successfully auctioned the top-level-domain which is proudly an important part of our Supercar Sharing® brand. 


Established in Zurich Switzerland as a public corporation (AG), the concept of Supercar Sharing® enables interested parties to purchase vehicle shares from exclusive sports cars via our crowdinvesting technology.


The “funder” becomes the co-owner of the selected vehicle for a fraction of the purchase price. In addition to well selected German sports hybrids from Porsche to selected British and Italian sports cars from Lamborghini and Ferrari, there are also shares in limited-edition collector's vehicles such as Koenigsegg and Bugatti traded via the platform - The acquisition costs are divided among each other and the vehicle shares are notarized.  A co-owner of such vehicle, save up to 70-80% per vehicle per year. That's a lot of savings for collectors and new supercar owners.

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The Mission

The goal of Supercar Sharing is to make the mobility culture more economical, more responsible and more ecological, also in the upscale car sector. Also, Supercar Sharing follows the strategy to invest in companies with drive technologies and electric hypercars.

The Supercar Sharing team advises and cooperates with exclusive car dealerships throughout Switzerland as well as selected locations through Europe, and is customer-oriented, dedicated to the automobile dreams of a forward thinking car community.

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Solving the major problems most supercar owners face worldwide

One of the big benefits of fractional supercar ownership is, of course, the fact that car investors don’t have to spend so much on the vehicle. However, there are other major issues that the fractional supercar ownership solution from Supercar Sharing solved.

For instance, the high cost of maintaining a supercar is spread out across 5-10 owners instead of one. Even well-to-do and wealthy supercar owners don’t like to contend with the idea of $700 oil changes on a Bentley Continental Supersports. However, splitting that $700 oil change cost 10 ways makes everything easier. Furthermore, according to our internal case study (Supercar Sharing® Case Study) on consumer behavior in the sports car market, the vehicle is not used 80-90% of the time. The value retention is not always guaranteed, but the costs such as insurance, maintenance, storage, taxes and service continue.

Secure Car Storages and Car Management

After purchasing a vehicle via Supercar Sharing, the car is then available for shared use by the co-owners in secure and fully managed car storage. A sophisticated booking system and fair terms of use ensure transparency and a smooth process. There are also not 10 other sports cars on the streets, but only 1 car for 10 people. It is a fact that our concept achieves sustainable resource savings

With this initiative, Supercar Sharing wants to include sports car owners and those who are considering a new acquisition in their ecological responsibility and thus strengthen the general awareness of a new, increasingly influential driving culture, also in Switzerland.

Company Overview:

Name: Supercar Sharing AG

Web: and

Location: Zurich, Switzerland, Bern, Geneva

Trademark: Certified EUIPO Trademark rights in 30 countries, IPO Trademark rights in UK

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