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Deivis Hernandez Valdes




by Union of Excellence Contributer

 January 23, 2017 Prinicipality of Monaco 

Deivis Hernandez Valdes Blog


aturday 21. January 2017 at the Hôtel de Paris Monaco. 

It's a big pleasure to me, not only leading one of the most exclusive Clubs and Elitist Networks of Europe and bringing together creative and strong personalities under exclusive conditions, but also bringing new creative values into the Union of Excellence which is made possible with strong collaborations. Within our collaboration we created an unique membership box handmade by Italian artisans to honor the members of the Union of Excellence

Deivis Hernandez Valdes 

The Bespoke Membership Box Handmade in Italy by Virtuoso Lwb

The company, we work with to create the unique membership box, is the  brand Virtuoso Lwb, which is well known in producing luxury wooden boxes. The bespoke luxury membership box, is handcrafted exclusively for members of the Union of Excellence to honor his or her legacy of work and also as a welcome gift.

Every Membership Box is manufactured individually and is being committed during a welcome-ceremony for new gold members of the UnofEx.

About the Manufacturing
The manufacturing of the wooden luxury box is based on an age-old technique, combined with a modern design rigorously handmade in Italy in the renowned Sorrento Peninsula, which has centuries of tradition in the art of inlaid wood.

The experience and the relations with some prestigious international fashion, clock-making and jewellery brands, have enabled Virtuoso to develop prestigious products.

Deivis Hernandez Valdes - Barbados Villa.jpg
Deivis Hernandez Valdes - Founder of Devamag Inc and Union of Excellence
Deivis Hernandez Valdes - Membership Box for Monte Carlo Circle
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