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5 Tips to achieve life goals

Deivis Hernandez Valdes Blog


f you are building a company, a phenomenon is decisive, not only for business growth, but also for personal development: goals.

Goals help us to adjust the focus. Because our thoughts are the first step in a new direction. By focusing on the target, also our emotional state changes. Motivation comes up and gives us drive and creativity.

Here are 5 tips to all life goals to achieve.


No idea is too small or large. Ideal is always to have a notebook handy.

Tip 2:

Make a list of small tasks that can completely do you every day. Certain tasks require a greater concentration. So it is advisable to divide the set tasks in priorities and fit into dayparts.

Each completed task can then be deleted. This creates every time for new a feeling of satisfaction.


Tip 3:

Set yourself long-term, ambitious goals, it maintained in writing and visualize it daily. Writing down goals seems to me, as a contract with yourself - targets are thus binding and you will not quickly forget. Write down also personal destinations on your list, not only professional. The entrepreneur and visionary Richard Branson said: "There is no real separation between work and life, it is both pure and simple life."

The set of measurable milestones help us to reach the large and long-term goals. The nice thing: Each reached via point gives us the confidence and stamina and feel the great goals to get closer.


Tip 4:

Share your goals with other people. According to a study of Dominican University in San Rafael (USA), we have the greatest opportunity to achieve our goals if we share our goals with other people. This is the most proven method to each other continue to motivate yourself and to hold them to account.


Tip 5:

to achieve a strong strategy to your goals in life, to establish habits. Habits are very powerful and decisive whether you achieved its objectives or not. Bad habits you should break the habit and replace it with promotional habits. This usually requires a lot of discipline, but deliver on the long run, benefits and added values in life.


Tip 6:

Reward your successes and then make you new list with new goals. This cycle should be retained, even if you make more and more progress.

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